Flashback, I Needed the Insight of my Past Self Today!

Be honest, when have you ever been happy to be corrected? Often we are discouraged and we feel rebellious. Yet, the results of correction is well worth the frustration if we learn our lesson. Consider being grateful the next time you are corrected. Choose to have a good attitude from the beginning 🙂 […]

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Great Things Happening by the Lommasson Building Today!!! :)

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Thank You #Chem #Team of #TheUniversityOfMontana :)

This College Freshman is officially a Sophmore!!! 😀 Goodbye final exams!!! Hello #MyTime 😀

#TheTruthAboutUM ❤ It’s a #GreatSchool!!! 🙂 You just have to know the right people, go to #OfficeHours…. and the list goes on and on ^_^

Brandon, my soul is alive!!! How about yours? lol I finished my exam at exactly 12:09 pm (26seconds :p ) so how about that!!! 🙂 #TakeAdvantageOfYourTestTime #YouPayForYourClasses ^_^ “Still That Girl” ~ #SayIt #Britt Nicole


Photo on 5-12-17 at 12.10 PM_PS I didn't Cheat *Doctor Dwyer told me I could use my blank periodic table to write on =D

#GuessWhat! 🙂 This chickadee did not cheat. #DoctorDwyer gave me permission to use my #BlankPeriodicTabe whiteboard 😀 Before we started the final. #Students, it pays off to let your Professors get to know you since week one of your/our semester!!! 😀 Thank you all who helped me earn my grade in Chemistry!!! 😀 I am now a #sophomore at #UM and Proud Of It!!!

Watch My Video of #ThatAfterFinals #Feeling

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Hannah, this girl always has a camera and a backup camera 😉 Yeah, “that was awesome!” thanks for a great semester! (quote, Hannah Wright CHMY121N TA Spring 2017 🙂 )

Pray For a Man Who Not Only Understands Emotions, but Experiences Them Righteously 

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Ladies, do you want to share in a lesson I’ve learned?

Men are meant to experience their own emotions in a righteous way, they are not here to only understand our emotions and support us through them.

Something I’ve thought that I wanted ever since I was a preteen was a man who understood my emotions. In highschool, I thought I found that. Long story short for a year and a half I was a total drama queen about everything; got super angry about everything, complained about life to this fellow I was with, and we both got emotional about all my frustrations. So yes, he listened and understood my emotions but sadly all we did was fuel each other’s drama and encourage bad attitudes, as well as accept quick tempers.  Each of these scriptures would have been valuable for me to live out, I pray you learn from my…

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Quit Worrying, Seek God Instead


“Kasey, you’re a worrier,” gosh those were tough words for me to hear this week. Instantly I wanted to deny it, but I took a deep breath and admitted that I have been a worrier lately. Life is challenging, with all the stresses around us it’s hard not to slip into the world’s ways of worrying.


Taking a good, honest look at myself and wanting to stop being a worrier has encouraged a sweet experience of trusting Jesus more. Worrying over things, big or small, doesn’t benefit you in the least bit. Jesus knew what He was talking about when He told His followers that worrying doesn’t add to your height… I pray that you all join me in working to seek His kingdom instead of worrying 🙂 We aren’t perfect, but we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!


Let the journey continue,