Kasey Shultz

Bio: What do you need to know about this girl named Kasey? First of all, my name means brave and I keep it as a goal to live up to that identity spoken over me. My nineteen years of life have been full of experiences that have taught me a lot, sure I am young but I'm quite confident in who I am and what I want my life to be about. Montana is the place I have called home since I was nearly four years old. There are a lot of passions that I have in life, all of them are because of my love for God, people, and life!! Photography and writing are my two favorite ways to express what matters to me; these both are passions of mine that I know will always have room for improvement! 🙂 My goal as a photographer and writer is to stay committed and genuine to what I care about and know to be true, while remaining humble enough to take any feedback that will help me grow. 💬In short I am a Bible believing Christian who loves people and is looking to impact the world in a positive way! :)💬 Life is full of a lot of opportunities, this is my blog where I share about what I notice and learn from these opportunities. Many of my friends and family influence what I write, out of appreciation for them I do like to give credit, also out of respect names will be kept anonymous unless I've been given permission to do otherwise.

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