Pray For a Man Who Not Only Understands Emotions, but Experiences Them Righteously 

#FlashBacks #ThrowBack 🙂 #Memories


Ladies, do you want to share in a lesson I’ve learned?

Men are meant to experience their own emotions in a righteous way, they are not here to only understand our emotions and support us through them.

Something I’ve thought that I wanted ever since I was a preteen was a man who understood my emotions. In highschool, I thought I found that. Long story short for a year and a half I was a total drama queen about everything; got super angry about everything, complained about life to this fellow I was with, and we both got emotional about all my frustrations. So yes, he listened and understood my emotions but sadly all we did was fuel each other’s drama and encourage bad attitudes, as well as accept quick tempers.  Each of these scriptures would have been valuable for me to live out, I pray you learn from my…

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